Support for Faculty Development

Faculty development opportunities are offered that help bring new media technologies into the classroom. The Studio and DoIT sponsor a series of Digital Storytelling workshops that bring together faculty from many disciplines to learn new techniques and share ideas.

Christine Ferrera and Robin Farabaugh during a digital storytelling faculty workshop

In addition to training faculty in digital storytelling, the NMS acts as a hub for a dynamic community of practice. The Studio supports faculty using digital storytelling and visual assignments in a number of ways:

  • Digital Storytelling Interest Group meeting twice yearly to discuss support issues and share ideas
  • Digital Stories @ UMBC” website showcasing projects from the classroom and the UMBC community featuring a story gallery, upcoming events, news and an extensive resource section
  • A listserv connecting a community of over 175 subscribers
  • Consultation with faculty on classroom applications of digital storytelling and development of grant proposals
  • Presentations and publications highlighting the work of UMBC’s community of practice

Digital Stories @ UMBC  a gallery of digital story work and resources supporting UMBC’s community of practice.

“Stories in Our Classrooms: A Faculty Community of Practice as an Agent of Change” in EDUCAUSE Gamechangers