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UMBC “In the Loop”

“In the Loop” is a series of half-hour programs highlighting the work of UMBC faculty in research and the arts. The series is produced in conjunction with MCS/ART 395 produce episodes for broadcast on the Knowledge Network and YouTube. Over 30 episodes have been produced to date:



Programs include the following:

  • Lee Blaney: Preserving The Chesapeake – Megan Hanks of UMBC’s Office of Communication talks with Dr. Lee Blaney, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering about his work in preserving the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Fan Yang: Faked in China – Assistant Professor of Media and Communication Studies Fan Yang Talks with MCS chair Jason Loviglio about her new book “Faked in China.”
  • Rebecca Adelmann: Beyond the Checkpoint – Rebecca Adelman, Media and Communications Studies talks with Jason Loviglio about her book “Beyond the Checkpoint: Visual Practices in America’s Global War on Terror.”
  • Phillip Rous: BreakingGround and Civic Engagement – Caitlyn Leiter-Mason and Ganesh Mysore interview UMBC Provost Phillip Rous on BreakingGround and the importance of civic engagement.
  • David Hoffman: BreakiingGround – Carolyn Forestiere interviews David Hoffman, Assistant Director of Student Life for Civic Agency about UMBC’s BreakingGround initiative.
  • Prem Raja Mahat: Traditional Nepalese Music – Nepalese master musician Prim Raja Mahat is interviewed by Maryland Tradition’s Michelle Stefano.
  • Denise Meringlo: BreakingGround and the Baltimore Heritage Project – Dinah Winnick interviews Denise Meringlo, Associate Professor in History and Director of UMBC’s Public History Graduate program on her BreakingGround Project documenting Baltimore heritage.
  • Lee Blaney & Dalton Hughes: BreakingGround –  Engineers Without Borders – Dinah Winnick interviews Lee Blaney of  UMBC’s Department of Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering, and Dalton Hughes, a senior in Chemical Engineering on their Engineers Without Borders Project in Kenya.
  • Nicole King & Steve Bradley – BreakingGround: Mapping Baybrook – Michelle Stefano discusses the Baybrook project with Steve Bradley and Nicole King.
  • Anne Sarah Rubin & Kelly Bell: Sherman’s March and America – UMBC History professor Anne Sarah Rubin and Visual Arts professor Kelley Bell discuss their interdisciplinary project “Sherman’s March and America: Mapping Memory” with Dr. Kriste Lindenmeyer, Chair of the History department.
  • Manil Suri – UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski interviews Dr. Manil Suri, professor of mathematics and best-selling novelist on his teaching, research and two novels, “The Death of Vishnu” and “The Age of Shiva.”
  • Christopher Corbett: Orphans Preferred – Host Ed Beimfohr interviews Christopher Corbett, Author of “Orphans Preferred: The Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express.”
  • Preminda Jacob: Celluloid Deities – UMBC Arts professor Dr. Preminda Jacob discusses her new book “Celluloid Deities” with mathematician and novelist Manil Suri.
  • Carlo DiClemente – Mike Lurie, Director of Media Relations at UMBC talks with Dr. Carlo DiClemente, Professor of Psychology about two of his books: “Changing for Good” and “Addiction and Change.”
  • Stephen Braude – Chair of the Department of Philosophy and author of “The Gold Leaf Lady and Other Parapsychological Investigations “ is interviewed by Dr. John Rennie Short.
  • John Rennie Short: Cartographic Encounters  – professor of Public Policy at the University of Maryland, Baltimore discusses his two most recent books, “Cartographic Encounters” and “Cities and Nature” with host Stephen Braude.
  • Anne Sarah Rubin and Kelley Bell – Anne Sarah Rubin and Visual Arts professor Kelley Bell discuss their interdisciplinary project “Sherman’s March and America: Mapping Memory” with Dr. Kriste Lindenmeyer, former Chair of the History department.
  • Erle Ellis: Anthropogenic Biomes  – Dr. Erle Ellis, Associate Professor Geography & Environmental Systems speaks with host Karin Readel on how humans are changing the planet from a point of view of land use in the biosphere. “Anthropogenic Biomes: A Framework for Ecology & Earth Science in the 21st Century.”
  • Sandra Herbert:  “Charles Darwin, Geologist” – UMBC History Professor Emerita Sandra Herbert talks with host Dr. Joe Tatarewicz about her career as a Darwin scholar and her most recent book, “Charles Darwin, Geologist.”
  • Christine Mallinson: Understanding English Language Variation – Dr. Christine Mallinson, Assistant Professor in UMBC’s Language Literacy and Culture Program talks with host Jason Loviglio about her new book “Understanding English Language Variation in U.S. Schools.”
  • Christopher Corbett: The Poker Bride – Christopher Corbett talks with Jason Loviglio, Director of Media and Communication Studies at UMBC, about his new book ” The Poker Bride: the First Chinese in the West.”
  • Mary Stuart: Chronic Disease Prevention – Dr. Mary Stuart, Professor and Director of UMBC’s Health Administration Policy Program talks with host Janet McGlynn about her research in chronic disease prevention and management.
  • Anne Spence: STEM Education – Dr. Anne Spence talks with Dr. Susan Hoban about her career, women in engineering and STEM education.
  • Wallace McMillan – Dr. Wallace McMillan talks with host Dr. Erle Ellis about his work using satellite imaging to monitor carbon emissions globally and forecasting pollution from space.
  • Edward Larkey: German Popular Culture – Dr. Edward Larkey of UMBC’s Modern Language, Linguistics and Intercultural Communications program talks with host Dr. Denis Provencher about his research into German popular culture.
  • Joby Taylor: Peace Corp at 50 – Dr. Joby Taylor, Director of the Shriver Center’s Peaceworker Program talks with former Peace Corp volunteers Jennifer Arndt Robinson and Oscar Sinclair.
  • Sustainability on Campus Part 1 – Sustainability Interns Jo-Z Schwartz and Maddy Hall discuss initiatives underway on campus including composting in the dining hall.
  • Sustainability on Campus Part 2 – Sustainability Interns Jo-Z Schwartz Laura Blevins and Brianna Rose discuss initiatives underway on campus including biodeisel, zip cars and hydration stations.
  • Jill Wrigley: BreakingGround & the UMBC Community Garden Project – Joby Taylor interviews INDS Instructor Jill Wrigley about the UMBC Community Garden project.
  • Jack Neumeier: BreakingGround and the UMBC Community Garden Project – Joby Taylor interviews INDS major Jack Neumeier about the UMBC Community Garden project.
  • Mimi Dietrich: Master Quilter – Michelle Stefano of Maryland Traditions talks with Quilter Mimi Dietrich.
  • Charlotte Keniston: BreakingGround – Pigtown Food for Thought – Joby Taylor interviews Charlotte Keniston about the “Pigtown Food for Thought.”